Not a bad day at all.  Got my pain shots and hopefully, they’ll last until Tuesday.  I only been half sleeping because of the pain.  I didn’t even think about asking for pain meds.  Oh well, the world will keep on turning.

I’m still trying to work up the never to publish the pink pajama stuff.  It’s in my private blog.  It’s no worse than anything else, but I’m still having trouble with it.  People used to tell me I was courageous for telling my story.  Well, I’m not very courageous now.  I just can’t do it.  I panic thinking about it.

Rain is in the forecast for the next two days.  Wet weather usually means pain.  But I need to get to the store.  I dropped my lamp and burned out the light bulb.  I hate this 100000 watt overhead light of mine (which is in the process of dying too).  I need litter.  The vet closed early so I didn’t get it on my way home.  I need something to wash my floor.  That will be a 2 day project.  Vacuuming on Saturday and mopping on Sunday.  I’d like to organize my one storage area, but that depends on my energy level (which has been shit lately).

I caught a gig to do some voice over stuff.  All they wanted was a female native English speaker.  And the guy who need said person is a friend of a Korean coworker.  100 bucks for 2 hours.  I’ll take it.  That can go to cover Gidgette’s last round of blood work.

Time to feed the kitties.  Gidgette so lovingly puked early this morning.

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