The blood work my rheumatologist did last week came back generally OK.  My cholesterol is still a titch high, but I’m pretty sure it’s been that way for years.  One of the side effects of the meds I took years ago was raising cholesterol and triglycerides.

He’s still confident that fibromyalgia is my problem.  He has me on Ultram.  Yay for pain management.  I kept begging Dr. K  for something for the pain.  He told me to take Tylenol, which does nothing for me.  I have the list to show to Dr. P if he wants to change any of his medications.  In the week on these meds, everything has been OK. I’m not pain free.  But I don’t feel like I need to get the lidocaine injections to manage.  I tweak my left shoulder (probably putting up the lights) so Dr. K did an ultrasound guided injection.  Sorry, I thought it was cool to watch the needle go in as I could see the ultrasound screen.  He remarked the area must be very inflamed because the lidocaine went in so easily.

So as before, I’m mainly healthy, but fat.  And I’m working on the fat part.  I’m happy because the oranges from Jeju are in season.  I’ve been eating those for breakfast, a regular lunch, and then a couple oranges for dinner (note, these are huge oranges).

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