Lots of pain lately.  Lots of stress too.  I’ll live.

I’m getting a massage on Sunday.  I’m scared, but I hope that it will get the knots out of me.  I’ve heard many good things about him.  I asked him if he was comfortable working with someone with a pain disorder.  He said he’d keep in communication and I should just say if anything hurts.

That is all.  Building manager coming to change my bathroom light bulb.  I’m too short and holding my arms above my head really triggers the pain in my neck and shoulders.

3 thoughts on “Ouchies

  1. I take Ultram 3 times a day. I worry about addiction/dependence (whatever you want to call it). I never know what to do when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep for the pain.

  2. I’m sorry can’t offer any physical pain relief or miracle cures, but what I can and will do is send you cyber hugs and healing thoughts. I too live with pain, (I have lupus/fibromyalgia/cfs & sjorgrens) and really know how tough life can be, especially waking in the night in pain … it always seems worse when its dark and the world is asleep. I did read somewhere that playing games (like on a computer) somehow helps the brain switch off it’s pain feeling mechanism because it is focussing on the game, so I often get up and play silly games … I do think it helps a little, and then when I’m totally shattered and can hardly keep my eyes open I try to go back to sleep. I do think it helps … a bit!

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