2012 is a year for overcoming one phobia.  Dentists.  Nothing bad happened in the chair.  I think it stems from my father putting things in places they don’t belong on a child.

It’s taken me almost 20 years to do this.  I got nice drugs from Dr. P.  I was almost crying in his office yesterday.  Actually I was nearly in panic mode, but I tried my best to hide it.  No IVs for me just to get a dose of Valium.  He gave me Propropanolol.  It’s a BP med, but helps anxiety.

Most places open at 9.  I showed up at 9.  He didn’t open until 10.  At least the door was open.  I basically sat there crying silently for an hour.

But I made it through.  I’m having a dead tooth pulled next week and a temporary crown put on.  Then I’ll get a bridge for the four front teeth to get ride of the gaps.  I have the option of IV sedation, but given nurses’ success in inserting IVs lately, I think I’ll pass.  And he said if it was his wife, he would still recommend the local.  Good drugs Dr. P.  I’m going to need them.

I feel a huge sense of relief.  I’m still very anxious about going next week, but I think it’ll be easier to step in the door.  And I know it’s OK to cry.  Some doctors get all upset.  This guy (missed his name) just tried to talk me down from the ledge.

Part of it is feeling trapped.  Being in the chair is vulnerable.  You’re on your back, the table is over you.  Some guy has hands in your mouth.

But I did it.  And I have a feeling I’m going to need constant reminding of that.

6 thoughts on “Dentists

  1. VERY well done!!! Golden stars for you today!! It’s so tough to overcome fears, and takes an enormous amount of courage …. now you should go out and treat yourself … a new cd/ a cake/an evening out with a friend …. just something to mark the occasion.

    Just think … more treats next week too!

    Well done again! xx

  2. M says:

    Do you really need to have the dead tooth extracted? Can’t you have a root canal job which would leave the tooth in place?

  3. Maybe 15 years ago when I first should have had it done. But now the tooth is loose in the socket. I know it’s cosmetic, but the nice thing is he’s going to make a bridge to cover the spaces in my teeth. My teeth are so bad, orthodontics aren’t even an option. And I don’t want to go through that again (childhood orthodontist was incompetent).

  4. M says:

    I thought you’d perhaps had an abscess that had killed the tooth recently. If it’s working loose you’ll be relieved to get rid of it.

    It sounds as if your dentist is thinking of imaginitive solutions.

  5. I have a terror of dentistry myself. Mine is mostly because I’ve had to have so much work done over the years. I’m glad you made it through that first hurdle. My dentist gives me nitrous oxide and it works well for me. I just had to have oral surgery for an implant and when I found out that they couldn’t save the tooth, I burst into tears, but I’ve been lucky to have caring professionals. Don’t be afraid to let them know about your fears; they deal with it a lot. Good luck with the bridge work. Mine have worked out great.

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