One More Step

This dental thing is not going to be an easy process.  Because of the fibro, I’m especially sensitive to pain.  So even with the Novocaine, he still had to double up in some places. Actually it made me laugh a bit because my nose was numb.

Interestingly, right now the pain seems to be where a couple of those needles went.  The tooth he pulled… let’s juts say if he wants to do that again, I don’t want to be awake.  It didn’t hurt per say, but the sounds.  OMG, I just shudder thinking about it.

I was fine until everything was over.  Then I started crying.  I couldn’t help it.  The man sent one of his hygienists to get me lunch.  My stomach was going crazy, so I just took it with me.  I gave the sandwich to my boss and drank the banana smoothie.  I’m afraid to eat.  I made some mashed potatoes for dinner.  I got about three bites into me.

Off to bed now. I have to teach my last (yay!) vacation class in 12 hours.  Plus the cats are trying to kill each other.  This is definitely a night for the PRN anxiety med Dr. P prescribed.

2 thoughts on “One More Step

  1. Congrats dear.
    I hate the dentists and oral surgeons as well. Not just dislike, but am terrified of them. Too many bad things happened in my past. Until I met this Chinese oral surgeon. He managed to get my molars out without me feeling a thing. Even the aftermath, when the anesthesia worked out, was less traumatic and hurtful than any time before. Perfect.

  2. I’m finding a lot more people are detal phobics than I thought. Phobias are so lonely. It really does feel like you’re the only one who feels like this. And you know how irrational it is (the guy isn’t out to HURT you, but it might hurt), but it doesn’t matter. And it’s exhausting too. OK, I’ll quit my babbling.

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