Away for a Bit

Let’s just say I went off the deep end yesterday.  Suicidal, plan, taking cats to vet to be adopted out.  The whole nine yards.  I managed to talk Dr. P from throwing me in the loony bin (though the Korean loony bin might have been interesting, goodness knows the American ones are).

So he got my endocrinologist to admit me to a regular floor.  The biggest thing is I’m exhausted.  Like beyond belief.  In the middle of a fibro flare and then I quit my job.  But that’s for another post.  Let”s just say it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.  I have baby winduhs and I have wifi.  So I can check email and stuff.  But right now I’m going back to bed.


Oh yeah.  They weren’t too happy when the resident came for rounds and I hadn’t eaten.  Apparently they bring trays at 7:30 (who wants to eat at that hour?).  I didn’t even hear them.  She said in a slightly snotty voice that I had to eat.  Duh.  I will.  Can you let me get my eyes open and you into focus first?



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