The List

This may be my last post.

When I have to make a decision to make, I make a list.

I’m making of list of whether to go on, or to give up.

4 thoughts on “The List

  1. CoderForLife says:

    While things have been **extremely** rough for you, I take great encouragement from your efforts to get after things, work things through and to go on. Of course, it’s not all about me, but I would miss you. I don’t know if that makes your list, but there are folks out here who care.

  2. I truly hope that you will decide to go on.
    Your posts have enhanced my life, made me think, made me question.
    Your honesty is refreshing and rare to find.
    You may not realise how your writing affects people – for the positive.
    You have so much to offer.
    I hope that you put all of these ‘pluses’ on the ‘decide to go on list’.

  3. …. it matters that you live.
    Who else will I toss and turn in bed over because they keep moving from country to country? I have no other ‘little sister’. Besides worrying my hair thin, you matter. Plane and simple, it matters that you live.

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