Slow but Sure

It feels like it’s taking forever to get any sort of strength back.  I lost 13 pounds over the last 3 weeks.  I’m off the IV antibiotics and the nausea is not here today.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring though.  The Cipro isn’t bothering me and I no long er need pain meds aside from the ones I’m taking for the fibro.

Now that the stitches and PICC line are out I was able to shower.  Just using a cloth isn’t the same.  It feels good to be clean (though I’m sticky and sweaty due to lack of A/C in the house).

I guess it’s now a matter of taking it day by day.  The fibro flare is settling down.  I should start PT sometime next week.  But today I’m going to chill and do something mindless.

2 thoughts on “Slow but Sure

  1. I too have had fibro for over 17 years now, and quite seriously have recently tried a new way of healing called the healing codes … my friends and I cannot believe the difference in me …. if you’d like to know a bit more just let me know … it will cost absolutely nothing except a few mins a few times a day … I couldn’t believe it – I was in my wheelchair a few weeks ago and on Saturday went to a friends party and was dancing!

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