I have people ask how I can watch the show.  For the most part it doesn’t bother me.  I can’t explain why.  It takes me outside of myself.  And even when it’s fictional, I don’t feel so alone.  I think the only episodes that bother be are when they’re directly talking to children and making them recount details.  At that point, I usually turn it off because I run the risk of falling into my own head.

USA has been having SVU marathons on.  Between the fibro fatigue and recovering infection fatigue, there has been a lot of dozing in bed with SVU on.  I’m especially tired after doing my own home PT.  I need to get on the phone with the financial people and see if they can get me into real PT for my knee.

I plan on going to the library on Tuesday to do some stuff needed for my visa application and then some computer stuff.  Actually the computer stuff depends on how together my brain is.  I may just sit and read a trashy novel.

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