Positive Energy

I could sure use some positive energy right now.  The job hunt is going fine, I have a number of leads.  I’m slowly working through my Fortran course, asking lots of questions of course.

But I feel lousy.  The doc took me off antibiotics a few days ago but I’m not really recovering.  In fact I’m getting worse.  I don’t know if I should give it through the weekend and call on Monday or call tomorrow.  My gut (hahahahaha) tells me to call tomorrow.  I just don’t want to bother if all this crap (literally and figuratively) is my body trying to rebuild its microbiome.

Even though I’m trying to keep my mind active, it tires me.  My body feels like it’s been through a war.  I don’t know if just being home is subconsciously triggering me or what.

So yeah, positive energy and good vibes would be greatly appreciated.


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