One Step at a Time

This is the only way I’m going to get through this hell.  I get six good days (for various values of good) a week.  The seventh… yeah.  I’m lucky if I eat.  I brought my laptop over by my bed so I can watch Contagion and Outbreak (side note: I love Cuba Gooding Jr.).  They should have been interesting enough to keep me awake so I could just rest.  Next thing I know, it’s 4 PM and I’ve been sleeping since approximately 10 AM.

I did make pancakes for breakfast.  I made the batter a bit runny, but since I don’t have measuring cups, I had to eyeball everything.  But hey, butter and syrup make everything better.  If I had some peanut butter, I would have thrown some in the batter and skipped the syrup.

Oh yeah, and I’m broke as hell right now because I can’t get a bloody bank to cash a travelers check (which was no problem 3 years ago).  That however, did not stop me from drooling over the Hershey’s syrup.  No I didn’t buy it.  A bottle of it was like 7 bucks.  Maybe that’ll be my treat with my first check.  Oh and the kimchi I bought to make fritter type things sucked.  Not spicy at all.  Boo!

Yes, this is random.  The best my brain can do is put out randomness.  See my fibro blog if you want to know how much fun life really is.

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