Dream Diary

I’ve been having bizarre dreams lately.  Last night’s dream has been 0n my mind all day.

It took place in my house at the present day.  A drifter comes by and settles down in the family room.  I finally get her out but I can’t close the garage door fast enough and she keeps coming back in.  This happened three times.  I finally decided to call the police.  There were three phones in the room.  None of them actually worked.  One phone was garbled.  One phone wouldn’t dial.  The third one was just dead.

I finally went upstairs and managed to call the police on a phone up there.  It took me a long time to communicate what was going on.  It felt like we were speaking two different languages.

The officer finally came and I explained what was happening.  It was at this point where I woke up.  There was no resolution to the situation.  I never figured out why communicating was so hard.  I wish I could have fallen back into the dream just to see how the whole thing ended.

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