Dream Diary

Another strange dream last night.  This one I kept falling back into.  It started “normal” enough.  I had gotten a job at some kind of MLM operation.  I was going to meetings and learning the ropes.  These meetings always ended with some sort of product test.  This went on for a while and everything seemed fine.  I ended up going home, which was my grandmother’s house.

As time went on, things started getting weird.  I would be going down L Road to the library.  Suddenly things would go dark and gloomy and I freaked out.  I tried running back the same way I came.  But I never could escape the place.

This all went on for a while.  Then the MLM thing turned cultish.  There were people chasing me every time I tried to leave.  As before, this went on for a while.  It got more and more intense.  In the end, people were holding me down as I struggled to get away.

Thankfully I woke up at this point and listened to a podcast to center my mind.

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