Magic Pills?

I don’t know what the rheumatologist gave me last Saturday.   The tiredness is still there, but not the bone numbing fatigue from before.  Or it could also be a coincidence.

That and I passed 500 posts and 100000 hits not to long ago.

I bought some chicken for dinner, but I think I’m just going to have an orange, chill out (I did play some Mario Kart) until Mythbusters comes one.  Then I’ll find me a kitty to warm my feet and go to bed.

Fibro Fog?

What fibro fog?  I left the house at 11 this morning.  I left work at 9.  I got downstairs and the doors were locked.  My boss was still upstairs.  So I went back up to tell her I was locked in.  She looked at me in disbelief and said, why didn’t you unlock them.  The thought never occurred to me.   And it took 5 minutes of hunting to figure out where and how the lock worked.


Halloween <:-[

You Feel Annoyed About Halloween

Sure, you loved Halloween as a kid, but you’re kind of over it as an adult.

You may dress up and go out, but you’re not a freak for Halloween. It’s just a silly holiday.You’ll never understand those people who start preparing for the 31st months in advance.

In your opinion, being overly serious about Halloween takes all the fun out of it!


I’m glad it’s over. For another year at least. And next year there will be NO laminating in the craft zone. Kids throwing things at you. You trying to load it into the paper. Trying to load the paper into the machine while pulling out the previous one. Cutting out craft. While more children throw papers at you.  I’m not bitter not at all.

It’s a good thing the psychiatrist decided to rehydrate me (yay for puking all weekend) and give me the nutritional supplement.  Two IV bags, 1 stick.  And thankfully the nurse got it on the first try.  The vein up near my elbow on the side of my arm seems to be the best place for her.

Tomorrow, lidocaine shots.  I haven’t been as diligent as I should be.  I’ve only been going once a week because my pain has been manageable.  But the twisting doing the bloody craft has my lower back in knots.  I was going to try to do my cardio tonight, but honestly, sitting up is too much right now.

Pizza Face

I’ve got folliculitis (??) and my face and arms look like pepperoni pizzas.  Saw a derm twice before today.  Gave me all topical stuff.  No change.  Got a second opinion from someone else.  Same dx, different treatment.  7 days of oral meds plus an antibiotic ointment.

I was feeling good until today.  I  couldn’t get warm.  My boss even remarked I had a sweater on.  But the building (and my apartment) were colder than outside.  The weather was changing all day and the fibro pain is flaring up.  I was really tired today, for no particularly good reason.  I guess I’ll try to get Dr. K to treat my neck and upper back tomorrow and then do the PT.

It’s raining now, I’m going to close the windows and turn the heat on low and try to get warm.  I will find an electric blanket in the country if it kills me.

Oh yeah, cats like their new food.

Not Again

Yet again, I ended up on the ground.  Landed on the knee I hurt last winter.  There’s still a little fluid on it, so I hope this doesn’t aggravate that.  I’m not a big fan of the draining.  Got my left ankle all taped up.  Apparently the tendon I hurt is a popular one.  Dr. Kim sees about 10 a day.  Maybe Korea is just a klutzy country.  Bring a klutz to a klutzy country and pain will ensue.

I managed to not mentally beat myself up for falling.  It was hard not to.  I have to accept this is part of my life now.  The pain has mostly subsided (but I can keep up the shots as needed), but the fatigue and muscle weakness is worse.  Trade one for the other.

I’m thinking of finding (with translation help) a beginner adult ballet class I could go to in the morning.  I would explain I have a medical condition that might limit some of the things I can do.  But I need to find something to do with my mornings and something to work on strength and flexibility.  If I can’t find anything, I’ll see what I can find on the internet.  I guess it’s a moot point until I get clearance from Dr. Kim to do it.  Ballet was something I did as a kid.  In some ways it helped with the pain of the more jarring tap classes.  And I did a lot more tap than ballet.  Probably 3-4 times more.  I figure once I have clearance (see above ankle injury) I’ll do PT 4 days a week and as much as I can of the ballet the other 4 days.  And yes, I’ll listen to my body.  I’ve found I really need to do that more and more.

I went to grade tests this morning (Oh how I hate supporting StarBucks, but they’re the only ones who have a chai tea latte).  I got through maybe a dozen.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  It had nothing to do with boredom.  Never a dull moment (“I lost my pocket” being my current favorite answer).  But my brain and my body were screaming at me.  I ran up to the bookstore to pick up my copy of “Mummies in the Morning” (oh god kill me now for having to teach this) and a phonics books for my kindy kids.  Then on my way to the cab, I fell.  Went to see Dr. Kim.  X-rays, the works.  Another mention of the deterioration of my cartilage in my knee.  Another reminder that osteoarthritis goes back at least 3 generations in my maternal side, and usually starts in the mid 30s.  Also another reminder he found it in my wrists and shoulder.  Can’t blame that on being fat.

Once I got home, I went to bed.  I woke up to find Gidgette under the covers next to me and Ivory on top of me.  They only do that if they’re cold (not cold yet) or if they think I’m upset.  Animals know more than you think.  Speaking of said animals, they want dinner.

Pin Cushion

Three sticks to get an IV.  10 or 12 shots from the neck to the tailbone.  Yeah.  Pin cushion pretty much sums it up.  It’s worth it.  The shots are down to maintenance to try and prevent the pain from escalating.

I woke up from a dream in a state of full blown panic (hence the IV to give me some Valium).  I was still very worked up when I got to Dr. P’s office.  I think the dream had something to do with the pink pajamas.  I really don’t want to write about it now.

And, as it’s NCIS time, I’m off.  I got one out of three tests written and started and a second.

Blessed Relief

The vast majority of the pain is gone.  I got 6 out of 9 tests written.  I only went to a coffee shop, this weekend (to work), but got nothing done.  I couldn’t stay.  The usually peaceful place was packed.  Uh, no thanks.

I’m going to do a load of laundry and then get into bed and watch TV.  I look at it this way.  I could finish those tests.  But I’m not.  I don’t need them tomorrow and I get off early tomorrow and have an hour break before my 8:00 class on Tuesday.  My brain can’t take parts of speech and dialogs anymore.  There’s only so much English and person can handle.  And I think I might be starting to dream in Korean.

And as Ivory is playing parrot, perched on my shoulder, I’ll sign off.

The Joy of Not Caring

Parent seminar on the new curriculum today.  Showed up early to finish the bulletin boards.  Said my hellos to the parents and then retreated to the library where I dozed.  At least the boss bought lunch.
Apparently there is another day of this crap.  Oh yeah, because of it, I had to skip PT (and I think injections).  My neck is OK.  My shoulders are killing me from having to hold my arms over my head.  But the muscles that run right behind my bra strap are so knotted, even stretching doesn’t touch the pain.  Night and showers just don’t go together for me.  So, no hot shower.  No need to trigger the PTSD.  Hopefully now that it’s started to cool down (70s/50s) they’ll bring out the heating pads.  I looked all through HomePlus and couldn’t find one.

Movin’ on Up

Or maybe I should say down and around.  The pain in my neck and upper back has moved around to the front of my shoulders.

Yesterday it had gone as far down as my tail bone.  I knew the shots would help, albeit temporarily.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted Dr. K to do them down at my tail bone.  Here we go again… rational mind versus emotional mind.  Emotional mind says “Are you friggin’ crazy?  Lay down on your stomach and let some man pull down your pants.  Have you totally lost your marbles?”  Rational mind says “He is not your father.  He is not out to hurt you.  He wants to help.  And he’s seen plenty of butts being a doctor.”

In the end, my rational mind won (yay me?).  He did the shots starting at the top of my neck and going all the way down my back to my tail bone.  I was sweating when he was finished.  Part of it is the shot, well, they don’t hurt.  The needle itself is very fine (as he learned when he started them with me), but the pressure of the fluid going into an already painful muscle isn’t much fun.  Most of it was me trying not to cry because of the pain and trying not to freak out because of the position I was in.  I feel kind of silly about it now.  But the near panic and pain was very real at the time.

So now I’m following doctor’s orders and getting some rest.  It could be worse.  He hinted about putting me in the hospital to try to get some better pain control.  But with the pay cut I had to take and paying for doctor bills and such, I really can’t afford hospital time.  Plus there are the cats.  And I seriously can’t even stand the thought of rice, soup, kimchi and some strange side dish three times a day.  No, I’ll rest.  Mostly because the weather sucks right now (yay rain, not — maybe part of the flare of the pain?) and starting tomorrow everything is basically closed for Korean Thanksgiving.  I’ve got plenty of TV to watch, though I have a feeling I’ll end up sleeping most of the day.  I plan to do some gentle stretching too.  And snuggle with the kitties.

Speaking of kitties, Ivory has decided to curl up on my arms and hands, so I better sign off.

Pink Pajamas

Woke up to my mother yelling “You little slut.  Why are you naked?  You’re going to get it tonight.”

Nice dream to wake up to after an early morning bout of insomnia.

Nearly 11 hours at work today.  I hope I can get out of bed in time to get to PT tomorrow.  I need to talk to Dr. K about something stronger for the pain, at least for the next couple days so I can get some decent rest.  I can’t get comfortable in my bed (and sharing a twin bed with two cats doesn’t make it any easier).