Lovely Blog Award

Wow, my blog was nominated for The Lovely Blog Award by Daily Life With Fibromyalgia. Just.  Wow!

The requirements of the Award are to mention who nominated me and link back to his/her blog, display the award image anywhere on my blog, reveal 7 things that you may not know about me, nominate 15 blogs (I only did 7, I don’t read that many blogs) for the award and tell them of the nomination (linking their blogs in this post) including a link back to this post.

7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I used to collect ballerinas of all types
  2. I love seafood of all shapes, sizes and species
  3. I lost a bunch of weight by switching from soda to sparkling water
  4. I finished college in three years
  5. I love children’s literature
  6. My favorite age group to teach is preschool
  7. I can not spell and stump spell checkers on a regular basis


My nominations

  1. The People Behind My Eyes
  2. Patient Anonymous: Just Another Head Case
  3. bloggerdygook
  4. Becoming Three
  5. Beautiful Dreamer
  6. Lafemmeroar
  7. Cat vs. Human


I did a small portion of the P90 workout.  I did mostly the stretching, but a bit of the strength (sans weights or resistant band).  Amazingly I don’t hurt over my current baseline.  Tired.  Yeah, but for some reason I’ve had a hard time getting to sleep the last few nights.  Might be waking up from nightmares — getting phobic about sleeping thing I’ve gone through before.  Today I was lazy, mostly.  I did go through the new books I’ll be teaching.  I spent most of the day listening to old podcasts.  There’s a podcast on virology that I find fascinating.  The hosts are funny and although some (errr, a lot) of it is over my head, they hosts do work hard to make it accessible for the “educated” (science background) lay population as well as those working in the field.

I don’t regret going into psychology, and I’m sorry that the PTSD got in the way of my education.  There’s a twang in me that wishes I went to medical school, though I’m pretty sure that would have been suicide for me.  Now with the bulk of student loans hanging over me, there is no way I could go back to school even if I wanted to.

Now I’m going to get ready to go to work tomorrow.  Yay for four day weeks.  Boo for all day seminars the following weekend.  So yeah, basically a five day work week for me.  I have no idea what these people can talk about for 8 hours.  But if it isn’t in English, I’m sleeping.

Butter Chicken

Funny, my favorite Indian dish is Butter Chicken.  Glad we have a good Indian place in Daejeon.

You Are Butter Chicken

You are warm-hearted and caring. You celebrate and commiserate along with your friends.

You are hard-working and persevering. You don’t take no for an answer.You love to bond with others. Your happiest moments are when you’re around other people.

You are practical and matter-of-fact. You prefer to take the pragmatic approach.

Rusted Iron Maybe

You Are Iron

You take your time and make sure things are done right. You hate to make mistakes, no matter how big or small.

You choose your words carefully to make sure you communicate effectively. You always get your point across.You aren’t afraid of adventure but you don’t seek it out. You rather tend to your own garden.

You pride yourself on being detail oriented. You never forget about anyone or anything.

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Your Mind is Sharp

You are rational enough to see things clearly. You don’t allow your mind to play tricks on you.

You have a crazy good head for facts. Once you commit something to memory, you remember it forever.You have a reputation for being a perfectionist. You are a stickler for having things a certain way.

Even when a problem is difficult, your mind is up to the task. You can make sense of complexity.

Sharp as a dull needle maybe…

I Wantz

funny pictures - Ebony and Ivory
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our

For the longest time I’ve wanted a black Turkish Angora to go with Ivory.  I was totally going to name him/her Ebony.  Go ahead.  I dare you to do a Google image search for black Turkish Angoras.  I’m in love with the breed.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Gidgette in all her mutt-ness, but my dream is to have a second Turkey.


As an aside, my old apartment was stray cat heaven.  For the first time since moving to Daejeon, I’ve heard the “mating cry” of a female cat in heat.  It isn’t pretty.  Ask me how I know…

Vacation! Yay!

That just about sums it up.  The Korean New Year is February 3rd.  We have the 2nd- 6th off.  I realy need this little break.  I plan on doing a lot of resting the first two days.  Buy Friday most places should be open again, so I’m going to do some proper grocery shopping and pick up a few things I need for my classroom.

I had no water this morning.  They were digging up the street, starting at 7 AM.  Luckily they were finished by the time I got home at 7:30.

Now I’m warm and sleepy.  I’m going to retire to my bed and finish reading a few things online from the comfort of bed.  I love my little netbook.  It isn’t great for heavy duty stuff (Cafe World on Facebook, I’m looking at you) but basic web browsing is fine.

The Kindness of Strangers

I lost my purse a few days before Christmas.  I left it in a taxi.  When I didn’t get it back within a few days, I wrote it off.  I was bummed because my iPod was in there (and I was in the middle of a great Sherlock Holmes novel) as well as my wallet which was a gift from two good friends.  So I got new bank cards and a new ID card   Blah blah blah.  All the usuall stuff.  Strangely enough, I was talking about it with my boss today, telling her Ihad gotten my new ID card because she needed to copy it.  Not 10 minutes later, a lady walked in with my purse.  She had found it in the taxi and then was so busy with the holidays she had only gotten a chance to drop it off today.  I was floored.  Everything was intact.  I tried to give her some money as a reward.  It’s what I would have done in the US.  But she refused to take it.  Maybe it was culturally unacceptable…  I don’t know.  But I was so grateful.  In that wallet was a 1000 won bill that my two best friends in Korea had written a little note to me.  That’s the thing that broke me up the most.  Losing that piece of paper.  But now I have it back.  And I’ll never forget this lady.  She didn’t have to return it.  She didn’t have to come in person.  I could only say “Thank you” over and over in Korean.

So, 감사합니다!


First of all, I’m talking about goals, not resolutions.  For me, resolution has a horrible negative connotation surrounding it.  Yes, it’s my own personal hangup.  It just reminds me of all those years as a fat child saying my new year’s resolution is to lose x pounds.  And all those years of failures.  These are things I’d like to try to do.  Nothing is holding me to them.  I expect they’ll be fluid as the year goes on.

So here goes……..

1.  Take better care of myself.  This means less crappy food and more kimchi.  I’m not giving up my one weekly pizza.  I love it too much.  And denial of treats leads to failure.  But I also won’t be buying junk food on a regular basis, if at all.  If I don’t have it, I won’t eat it.  This isn’t a quest to get skinny.  This is a quest to be healthier.  Once my knee is healed, I’ll be walking to work again (unless there is ice and snow, especially ice).

2.  Working on a program I’m calling MT (for Mood Tracker).  Currently I use and I find it helpful.  But it doesn’t always get at my true mood.  I might show up with a score of 50 (out of a 100), but feel like crap.  I’ve got a small start in figuring out how to present a list of words in random order.  I intend to work on it in fits and starts, but it’s going to be in the back of my mind.  I might be asking for advice and clarification on the prompts I’m going to present.  And if it ever gets out of the pseudo-code/extremely pre-alpha stage, I might ask for testers.

3.  Working on a bingo card generator program.  See above.  Actually, that piece of code figuring out how to randomize a list is one of the things I need for this too.  I’m writing in Python if anyone really cares.  :)

4.  Get back to practing my flute.  This is a necessity because I have roughly 3 weeks to learn a piece before our school talent show (gulp).  How did I ever let my boss talk me into this??

5.  Keep my teaching blog more up to date and write a new landing page for it.  Ugh, the front page looks like something from 1995.  Actually, it’s coded like something from 1995 (tables and all).  I don’t think this is a quest to learn CSS.  I think it’s just a quest to make it look less ugly.  If anyone wants the URL, let me know.  I’m trying to keep it separate from this blog.

6.  Overall, be tidier.  I’m so tired when I get home from work, I don’t want to do anything but veg out.  I end up leaving cleaning for the weekend and then it feels like an overwhelming task.  I’m going to do my best to pick up as I go along.  Once a month, I’ll have a cleaning person come in and give it a good scrub down.  Hopefully if I can stay tidy, that will decrease to every 2 months.


That’s about it.  I don’t know what will happen with these goals.  Some of them are “good for me” and some of them are fun.  And some of them are part of being an independent adult.  And now, even though Harry Potter is on TV, I’m going to pull out my flute and my music and see just how bad I sound.  That is if I can get a certain fuzzy white cat off my arms….