New Years 2012

Once again, not resolutions, just random goals.  It would be nice to achieve them, but if I don’t, at least I tried.

  • Keep up the healthy eating.  And that starts with actually putting food in my body again.
  • Clean up the travesty of a desk.  I think cables multiple when we sleep.
  • Get baby Mac fixed or sell the bloody thing.  I’m not up for a three OS household thing.
  • Either get a new TV or find a way to get a signal from my computer (server or mac) to the ancient piece of junk.   Personally, I’m all for the new TV, or even a newer second hand one.
  • Keep the litter box clean and appreciate my kitties all the more.  Plenty of love and catnip.
  • Get the depression and PTSD back under control and be more consistent with my PT for the fibro.
  • Be kinder to myself.  I’m only human.  I don’t deserve to be beat up for small mistakes.

Tired and Sore

But worth it.  This morning I vacuumed.  I took a nap.  Had some dinner (rice and kimchi and dried seaweed).  Got out the bucket and mop and scrubbed the hell out of this floor.  We won’t even talk about how dirty it was.  Funny thing is it never looks dirty, like there’s stuff spilled all over it.  It’s just the pollution and dust that blows in my windows.  I got out the mop and Gidgette went ballistic.  She almost got herself stuck in the washing machine (note to self, put lid down).  I have no idea why it freaked her out so much.

So. I’m taking a well deserved shower (in my not cleaned bathroom).  Tomorrow I have to go shopping.  Need brib…  positive reinforcements (aka candy) for the kids.  I also want to change my linens.  I need to wash one quilt, but I think it’ll need to wait until next weekend when there aren’t wet clothes on the line.  I miss the dry cleaner/laundromat place right across from my old apartment.  All I have is a car repair place, an apartment hunting place and a hair place (that leaves its bright purple bloody sign on all night).

Signing off for the night.